the truth of the lie

RIP AJ Boik 9/20/93 - 7/20/12
I never know what to put here. It usually ends up being some half-true stuff about myself that's been written in less than 30 seconds, but here goes nothing.
I'm a runner and a swimmer, biker and a laxer. I'm 19 and live in Colorado New Mexico (but my heart remains in my home state). I'm a senior in high school freshman at New Mexico Tech for petroleum and mechanical engineering, in IB former IB kid (yes, slightly masochistic), and really, I'm a smart kid, I'm just a perpetual slacker. I have one true best friend(?), and despite my numerous relationships, I am doomed to always (eventually) being single. I lead a fairly happy life, although most of the time that's just a façade to cover the uncertainty that clouds my life. Uncertainty that nearly nobody knows about, all because I have become emotionally removed from all that happens around me. The only place that I speak freely is in my head, just because of some disconnect somewhere between my brain and mouth/pen/keys. I have never truly been able to communicate what I really want, but I guess this will be as close as I can get.
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Shit I Like

Colorado weather at its finest.

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    really excited to go there
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    This stupid snow storm fucked shit up all over town.
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    I just really wanna be back home right now…
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    living this.
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    Are you sure that isn’t Pennsylvania?____-
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    Bipolar. I’m telling you, it’s bipolar.
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    Yeah, pretty much.
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