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RIP AJ Boik 9/20/93 - 7/20/12
I never know what to put here. It usually ends up being some half-true stuff about myself that's been written in less than 30 seconds, but here goes nothing.
I'm a runner and a swimmer, biker and a laxer. I'm 19 and live in Colorado New Mexico (but my heart remains in my home state). I'm a senior in high school freshman at New Mexico Tech for petroleum and mechanical engineering, in IB former IB kid (yes, slightly masochistic), and really, I'm a smart kid, I'm just a perpetual slacker. I have one true best friend(?), and despite my numerous relationships, I am doomed to always (eventually) being single. I lead a fairly happy life, although most of the time that's just a façade to cover the uncertainty that clouds my life. Uncertainty that nearly nobody knows about, all because I have become emotionally removed from all that happens around me. The only place that I speak freely is in my head, just because of some disconnect somewhere between my brain and mouth/pen/keys. I have never truly been able to communicate what I really want, but I guess this will be as close as I can get.
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Shit I Like

Saw the most adorable little ~1 year-old girl at Sprouts today. Every time she saw me around the store, she said, “Hi hi hi!” and insistently waved at me, all while having this big goofy grin on her face. Needless to say, I had a smile plastered on my face for a while after that.

Nostalgic childhood flashback: when we’d get home from elementary school, one of the first things Dad had us do was empty our shoes of gravel and sand into the trash. Funny what memories pouring dirt out of your shoes can bring back.

Oh! How did I forget this? On my ride this morning, I nearly hit (was hit by?) a few Canadian geese in flight. You never realize exactly how big the bastards are until they’re three feet from you and collision is imminent.

I’m not too much of a morning person (I only believe in one 5 o’clock, and that’s the one where people start drinking), but I might have to start becoming more of one. Biking my Cherry Creek loop at 6am is absolutely gorgeous (not to mention nice and cool), and this morning I saw a herd of seven deer.

Plus, it gives a legitimate excuse for a nap later, instead of me just looking lazy.

I am in search of a (primarily road) biking partner!
1) Living in Colorado is a must. The commute to any of the surrounding states (or further) is too exhausting (for either of us).
2) Willing for trips to be over 20 miles (20 being an approximate average).
3) Knowledge of rad, awesome, wicked sweet, or other similarly described biking routes/trails/paths is a big plus, but not required.
4) Openness to shenanigans is a must. (Actually more of a requirement for being my friend in general, not specific to biking.)
5) Having a bike would help.

Interested parties may send applications via comments below, instant message, text message, messenger pigeon, messenger patronus, owl, psychic paper, airplane banners, billboards along my most common routes, or commercials aired on basic television. Please no mysterious packages left at my doorstep, especially ones that tick, beep, or rattle.

Serious inquiries only. (With the exception of Ryan Shea.)

I can tell you about Leif Erickson.
I know all the words to De Colores, and I’m proud to be an American.

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It’s almost hard to believe that it’s been two years since the thing that nobody thinks will happen to them, happen to their community, to their city - happened. Sometimes it seems like a distant memory; a wisp of a nightmare, or a cruel joke played over and over in the back of your mind. And other times, it’s a sharp reality that makes you wake up in a panic in the middle of the night, with the same ball of empty, painful fear in your chest as if it just happened yesterday. But no matter how long it’s been, this is something that always sticks with you. Something you grow stronger from. Some things will never be the same, like how passing the theater always brings thoughts and memories of that terrible night. How twelve people are never coming back to their families and loves ones. How how countless other dozens of people were hurt and scarred, both physically and emotionally. And how I will never be able to wear purple without thinking of AJ.

AJ. You were a bright beacon of light in the life of everybody you touched. I can’t remember a day you weren’t smiling, a day you didn’t crack jokes, a day you didn’t make everybody else around you a little cheerier. And while you’re not here now, you still give us reason to smile and laugh; to gather and remember the beautiful life you had. Your abundant future was unjustly taken away from you, but that should just motivate the rest of us to live our lives in your footsteps - to the fullest, and to the happiest. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could have been in your spot so you’d still be here today, but that’s a wasted thought on history that can’t be changed. Instead, you will be someone to always remember. We live with you in our hearts, AJ, and we love you.


It’s hard to believe it’s been two years.

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I went to the mall, and a little girl called me a terrorist. 

My name is Ela.  I am seventeen years old.  I am not Muslim, but my friend told me about her friend being discriminated against for wearing a hijab.  So I decided to see the discrimination firsthand to get a better understanding of what Muslim women go through. 

My friend and I pinned scarves around our heads, and then we went to the mall.  Normally, vendors try to get us to buy things and ask us to sample a snack.  Clerks usually ask us if we need help, tell us about sales, and smile at us.  Not today.  People, including vendors, clerks, and other shoppers, wouldn’t look at us.  They didn’t talk to us.  They acted like we didn’t exist.  They didn’t want to be caught staring at us, so they didn’t look at all. 

And then, in one store, a girl (who looked about four years old) asked her mom if my friend and I were terrorists.  She wasn’t trying to be mean or anything.  I don’t even think she could have grasped the idea of prejudice.  However, her mother’s response is one I can never forgive or forget.  The mother hushed her child, glared at me, and then took her daughter by the hand and led her out of the store. 

All that because I put a scarf on my head.  Just like that, a mother taught her little girl that being Muslim was evil.  It didn’t matter that I was a nice person.  All that mattered was that I looked different.  That little girl may grow up and teach her children the same thing. 

This experiment gave me a huge wakeup call.  It lasted for only a few hours, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much prejudice Muslim girls go through every day.  It reminded me of something that many people know but rarely remember: the women in hijabs are people, just like all those women out there who aren’t Muslim. 

People of Tumblr, please help me spread this message.  Treat Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Taoists, etc., exactly the way you want to be treated, regardless of what they’re wearing or not wearing, no exceptions.  Reblog this.  Tell your friends.  I don’t know that the world will ever totally wipe out prejudice, but we can try, one blog at a time.  

coming up next on white people solve racism

muslim women dont need your white saviour attitude, you might now finally realise what it’s like to be excluded from society because of a piece of garment but you’re never going to experience it in the way we do.

she literally worded this so well and so honestly and tried so hard not to be rude, she just tried to understand what you go through. she’s not trying to be a saviour, she’s trying to raise awareness. she never said she’d solve anything or experience it like you do. stop doing exactly what other people do to you and shut down someones ideas just because of their color or religion or anything. this is a valid and completely pure hearted thing. 


It’s funny how people act like white people are the biggest douchebags, and then act like total asshats themselves, huh?

She did this to get a GLIMPSE into the shit Muslim women are put through. She never claimed total understanding; in fact she said that she “can’t even begin to imagine how much prejudice Muslim girls go through every day.” She ADMITTED that she doesn’t know everything these women go through, and yet she’s STILL attacked? I cannot fathom why it’s deemed “okay” to be prejudiced against white people, even when we try to understand what it is people of other ethnicities/skin tones/nationalities/religions/etc go through. If you want, we can stop trying to understand and let everyone wallow in their self-pity.

Fucking this. There is far too much hate in this world already to begin attacking a white person for putting in the effort to get even a small glimpse of what it is like to be a poc in society and to BEGIN to understand what it is like. Furthermore, there is too much hate in general. Be it towards poc, white people, women, men, etc…The human race needs to grow up and stop hating itself.

I was so pleased while reading the op and then the comments that followed were just so disappointing and it’s sad that the fucking whole point of her experiment just went over your ignorant head .

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what is this feather duster even doing

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