the truth of the lie

RIP AJ Boik 9/20/93 - 7/20/12
I never know what to put here. It usually ends up being some half-true stuff about myself that's been written in less than 30 seconds, but here goes nothing.
I'm a runner and a swimmer, biker and a laxer. I'm 19 and live in Colorado New Mexico (but my heart remains in my home state). I'm a senior in high school freshman at New Mexico Tech for petroleum and mechanical engineering, in IB former IB kid (yes, slightly masochistic), and really, I'm a smart kid, I'm just a perpetual slacker. I have one true best friend(?), and despite my numerous relationships, I am doomed to always (eventually) being single. I lead a fairly happy life, although most of the time that's just a façade to cover the uncertainty that clouds my life. Uncertainty that nearly nobody knows about, all because I have become emotionally removed from all that happens around me. The only place that I speak freely is in my head, just because of some disconnect somewhere between my brain and mouth/pen/keys. I have never truly been able to communicate what I really want, but I guess this will be as close as I can get.
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Shit I Like

Natalie has taught me to look on Mondays with a positive light, even though they don’t always feel that great.

So happy Monday, everybody! Hope you all have a fantastic day :)


This morning, it was in the low 30s and biking to work I lost feeling in some of my extremities. This afternoon, it was high 70s and I wrung sweat out of my shirt after I biked home.

I love Colorado weather.

Today’s weather is perfect for cuddling up with someone and having a Game of Thrones marathon. But alas, I have to be a responsible adult and go to work.

Being a responsible adult sucks sometimes.

And today we have our We Don’t Like The Snow or Cold tent slumber party in the garden.

#gardening #firstsnow #firstfrost #snowinSeptember

When I got home, Henry was so cold he was mad at me. I walked in, and he was curled up on the rug shivering. I sat down to say hi to him and he came over and shoved his head in my lap (as per usual), but his hackles were up and he was growling in such a way that said, “How the hell could you let me get this cold? You asshole. Now pet me to warm me up while I continue growling at you.”

He’s like a cat, with his misplaced anger and all.

Snow forecasted for tomorrow, huh? Oh, hey, Colorado, I almost forgot you were hanging out there. It’s been four months since our last snow, it’s about damn time! 😁

Well, biking to work tomorrow might suck. (Or be really fun?)

#snowinSeptember #snowinsummer #eventhoughIalreadysaiditwasfall #Coloradoweather

Happiness is a pint of heady, freshly tapped Fat Tire. (You’re the best, @newbelgium!)

#NewBelgium #FatTire #amberale #craftbeer #craftbrewers #Coloradocraft #instabeer #selfie #longhairdontcare

And this one was too good not to post.

#IamSpecialized more like #Iamspecial #veryspecial #funnyfaces #fromwhereIride #fromwhereIbike #CherryCreekReservoir #CherryCreekSatePark #Aurora #ColoRADo #ColoradoCameraClub #Specialized #Sirrus #Dawes #LightningSport (at Cherry Creek Reservoir)

#SundayFunday 28 mile bike ride around Cherry Creek Reservoir and East Highline with the sis. (Funny faces are an important aspect of photography.)

#fromwhereIride #fromwhereIbike #CherryCreekSatePark #CherryCreekReservoir #Aurora #ColoRADo #ColoradoCameraClub #Dawes #LightningSport #Specialized #Sirrus #IamSpecialized (at Cherry Creek Reservoir)