the truth of the lie

RIP AJ Boik 9/20/93 - 7/20/12
I never know what to put here. It usually ends up being some half-true stuff about myself that's been written in less than 30 seconds, but here goes nothing.
I'm a runner and a swimmer, biker and a laxer. I'm 19 and live in Colorado New Mexico (but my heart remains in my home state). I'm a senior in high school freshman at New Mexico Tech for petroleum and mechanical engineering, in IB former IB kid (yes, slightly masochistic), and really, I'm a smart kid, I'm just a perpetual slacker. I have one true best friend(?), and despite my numerous relationships, I am doomed to always (eventually) being single. I lead a fairly happy life, although most of the time that's just a façade to cover the uncertainty that clouds my life. Uncertainty that nearly nobody knows about, all because I have become emotionally removed from all that happens around me. The only place that I speak freely is in my head, just because of some disconnect somewhere between my brain and mouth/pen/keys. I have never truly been able to communicate what I really want, but I guess this will be as close as I can get.
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Shit I Like

2,200 lightning touchdowns in Colorado in the last 15 minutes? Well folks, it’s time to go dancing outside with your tall metal poles. Who knows, you might earn a Darwin Award.

It’s really odd and somewhat creepy when you wake up in the exact same position that you fell asleep in.

“One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” ― Lewis Carroll.

Being within 100 ft of a tornado siren when it goes off may cause heart attack and loss of bladder control, as well as falling out of your swing if you happen to be in one. Nearly literally scared the piss out of us.

Longboarding in the rain leads to involuntary toe slides and a possibly sprained wrist. It was fun, though. #worthit

#longboarding #roadrash #roadkisses #wemakefun

I’ve discovered that peanut butter and mashed potatoes are a pretty fantastic combination.

Sometimes Henry is really smart and does intelligent things that surprise me, and other times he’s like the special kid at the back of the class that eats dirt at recess.

Today, he was eating dirt. Literally.

"Little girl, do you want a pony, or enough glue to put up all your pony posters?"

Hahaha oh man.

A 21 mile ride around the reservoir, a short run/walk around the park with Henry, and then home to scrambled eggs and toast. So… it’s time for a nap, right?

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Cherry Creek State Park, 7:30am.

#fuckyeahColoRADo #Saturdaymorningsarebeautiful #CherryCreekSatePark #CherryCreekDam #Denver #Colorado #ColoradoCameraClub #303 #rideyourbike #rideColorado #Specialized #SpecializedSirrus #SirrusElite #hashtag (at Cherry Creek State Park)