the truth of the lie

RIP AJ Boik 9/20/93 - 7/20/12
I never know what to put here. It usually ends up being some half-true stuff about myself that's been written in less than 30 seconds, but here goes nothing.
I'm a runner and a swimmer, biker and a laxer. I'm 19 and live in Colorado New Mexico (but my heart remains in my home state). I'm a senior in high school freshman at New Mexico Tech for petroleum and mechanical engineering, in IB former IB kid (yes, slightly masochistic), and really, I'm a smart kid, I'm just a perpetual slacker. I have one true best friend(?), and despite my numerous relationships, I am doomed to always (eventually) being single. I lead a fairly happy life, although most of the time that's just a façade to cover the uncertainty that clouds my life. Uncertainty that nearly nobody knows about, all because I have become emotionally removed from all that happens around me. The only place that I speak freely is in my head, just because of some disconnect somewhere between my brain and mouth/pen/keys. I have never truly been able to communicate what I really want, but I guess this will be as close as I can get.
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Shit I Like

Payton Manning is the man! 509 and counting, and continuing to tear through the record books.

Not much is more disappointing than craving and pouring a bowl of cereal, only to open the fridge to find no milk.

#TBT to last Friday when I finally broke a thousand miles on my #Sirrus. (Not really a throwback, I just forgot to post it earlier.) Here’s to many more thousands!

#IamSpecialized #bornonabike #rideyourbike #onethousand #milesferdayz

Dear Hinkley kids (and any high schoolers in general),

I realize that you’re angsty teenagers filled with angsty teenager hormones, but for fuck’s sake that doesn’t mean you should be dry humping in the field behind school. Nobody wants to see that (except pedophiles, maybe?). Go hang out on your mom’s couch or something.

I mean really?

All I’ve done today is eat, watch football (one of the few times I’m happy the Cowboys win), and play video games; and I have no regrets. Bless lazy Sundays.

Noosaaaaaaa! Seriously, this stuff is life.

#noosaislikemyfamily #blueberry #noosa #makesmehappy

the idea of being right-handed or left-handed is so fucked up. like how in the hell is it evolutionarily advantageous to have one hand that’s good at everything and one that’s fucking useless. why aren’t we all dead.

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Thank the gods, for the first time in months we finally have a Saturday off! Now, if I could only remember what I used to do on Saturdays.

Nothing like some AC/DC for a rainy Friday ride to work.

The bakery is an exercise of willpower, and it’s one I don’t always pass.

And by “don’t always pass” I mean “I really like cake and cookies and donuts”.